Getting closer to reality–thanks to generous donors

Welll, things are getting really real, so to speak. The painting and carpeting are completed and the floors are done and today when I visited the new center, the technology cart was being unpacked!The most surprising upgrade has been the cabinetry in the research room. Our new interns in spring of 2011 are going to have plenty of room to store equipment, browse our books and collect research materials–oh, and actually sit down and write up their findings. Speaking of interns, the new student desks were ordered yesterday along with the small touches that make any organization tick–like coat racks and a coffee maker.

I keep saying “thank you” to myself each time I go over to the new Center and I have Mark Chapman in the back of my mind each time. It’s hard to express gratitude enough to really do justice to the wonderful gift he has given the Center in this new facility. And then just yesterday, I got the news that another donor, a member of our own board of directors, Steve Hummel and his wife Karen, made a substantial donation to be used to complete the center–specifically to allow us to purchase sustainably produced carpet for the offices and research room. One of the hallmarks of the Center, I hope, will be it’s commitment to being as “green” as possible, in a gesture of support for the people and places we study in rural Kansas. Thank  you Steve and Karen for your wonderful generosity and thoughtfulness!!! Check out the new photos next week.