Angela Schnee ~ Fall 2011 Intern Biography

Angela Schnee is the mother of three great children. This semester is her second internship with the Chapman Center for Rural Studies and she is already planning on sticking around for a third semester with us!!  She is currently a junior here at KSU, majoring in geography and minoring in history. This semester she is working on several projects for the center and will be assisting students from three history classes who will be writing profiles on “lost towns” in Kansas. Angela also is preparing a research project on the ice house located at Ladysmith, Clay County, Kansas. This project will become part of a larger grant project “Filling the Larder Feeding Our Families” that the Chapman Center is publishing next Spring. Her third project will be to add information to her Gatesville-Siding, Clay County, Kansas, paper that she wrote last semester. Since finishing the Clay county paper some new information came to light so she  will be conducting further field research and doing personal interviews to add new information to her previous project. Angela’s final project this semester will be to create a digital map which locates all the “lost” towns and communities in Clay County, Kansas. This is also a continuation of a project she completed last semester. The finished product will be added to the Chapman Center’s digital archives and will assist future researchers.

We are proud to have Angela on the team again this semester and look forward to seeing all her wonderful projects.


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