Theresa Young ~ 2011 Graduate Assistant Profile

Theresa is a second year graduate student with the KSU history department and is studying environmental history under Bonnie Lynn-Sherow. She is a recent graduate of Washburn University’s history program in Topeka. When the opportunity presented itself for her to work at the Center she was delighted and thrilled to be working with such splendid Professors like Dr. M. J. Morgan and Dr. Bonnie Lynn-Sherow on the Lost Communities Project. She will be working closely with Daron Blake on the digitization and building up of the Communities Database. She also edit’s the Center’s blog and manages the Center’s Facebook page.

Being brought up in a rural Kansas setting she appreciates the effort to keep small community’s memories alive at the Center. She is from Effingham, a small town in Atchison County, later her family relocated to a small Jefferson County farm near Perry Lake. Her master’s thesis topic she is developing is an investigation on the use of trees in Kansas and other plains states and how the use of trees evolved from an environmental tool, into an economic tool and finally into a symbol of conservation.

Last week she competed in KSU’s Research and the State,  a Graduate school poster competition and was awarded one of the top 10 spots. She is proud to get the opportunity to represent K-State at the Capitol Research Summit in Topeka on February 16th 2012 along with the nine other winners.

We are proud to have Theresa on the team!


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