Rock Creek Valley Group Interview on One Room School House Experiences

On November 5th, 2011 our research director, Dr. M.J. Morgan and one of our 2011 interns, Katie Goerl, conducted a group interview at the Rock Creek Valley Historical Society in Westmoreland, Kansas. A group of 20 plus former one-room school house students showed up to Goerl’s surprise. After filling out a brief informational questionnaire and consent forms, the fun began. Goerl is interested in learning more about the teachers who taught at small schools in and around Pottawatomie and Wabaunsee counties. The interviewees shared memories from their early educations and the discussion was a lively one. Classroom discipline was a topic that brought out many smiles and laughs. Many had stories of mischief and pranks to tell. They highlighted their experiences and explained how pulling pranks on their fellow classmates and teachers alike was an every day event.

  The line of discussion also centered on teachers’ daily lives and personal notes the former students could share about their former teachers.

These types of interviews are very valuable to the Chapman Center for Rural Studies. They are recorded, archived, and utilized by students as primary research items. An interview like this one is not only useful to the interviewer, but to future interns and Kansas historians alike.

We would like to extend a big thank you to Nola Wilkerson, the Rock Creek Valley Historical Societies Museum curator for all her hard work in making the interview possible.


for more information, please see the Rock Valley Historical Societies website at………–news.html


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