Our Wonderful Office Staff ~ Ninah and Janet ~

Our formidably effective office assistants often go unnoticed, work long hours, and facilitate a smooth running Chapman Center to everyone’s delight. But their days of being in the shadows are over.

Ninah Butler has worked with the Chapman Center for over a year now and “has loved every minute of it!” She comes to us from California where the sun shines and snow is something you only visit once in a while. But for the last few years, Missouri has been her home where she was a high school science teacher for 10 years in the greater Kansas City area. This semester she is working with the town of Nicodemus, KS on finding ways to preserve the history of the oldest and only remaining reconstruction era all Black Town west of the Mississippi River, while creating growth opportunities that propel them into the future.  With the little free time she has between work and studies she loves to walk down to Aggieville for a coffee and to sit a spell with her friends.

Janet Adam has been with us for nine months and is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She met her husband while attending Central College in McPherson, Kansas. She is a History Major with a minor in Anthropology and plan tn finish up her bachelors degree in 2013. Her intentions are to continue her education here at Kansas State University and obtain her Masters in History and has hopes for a PhD as well. Her husband of almost 37 years and his family have been in Kansas since the 1870s. Janet obtained her love for Kansas history through this connection.

Both Ninah and Janet help hold the Chapman Center together and we thank then for their diligent work.




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