First Broughton Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Regional Kansas History ~ 2012 ~

At Chapman Center’s Anniversary Open House on February 24, we awarded the first Broughton Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Regional Kansas History. The winners were a team of history majors, Jake Flynn, senior, and Adam Rosendahl,sophomore, for their thorough and  contributory project titled, “Lasting Relationships out of Unwarranted Fear: the POW Camp in Wabaunsee, Kansas 1944-1945.”

This project fulfills Mr. Chapman’s dream for Chapman Center:  that undergraduates engage meaningfully with the rural population and its fast-disappearing history, so often preserved only in minds and memories. Adam and Jake interviewed one of the only living persons to recall the German prisoners of war — Mr. Roger Schwam of Alma, Kansas. The above photo – Adam is shown standing by the award poster.

Mark Chapman was pleased to be able to present the first award, named for his hometown of Broughton, Kansas, destroyed in 1966 to create Milford Reservoir. Dr. Morgan, Adam's research director on the project, comments that some of the photographs Adam and Jake found of the camp and its prisoners were tacked to the wall at a bar and grill near Lake Wabaunsee! "You have to dig to find this kind of valuable evidence," she said. "Adam and Jake were like badgers with this research." Adam is the son of Dirk and Caren Rosendahl of Leavenworth, Kansas. He is in ROTC as well as carrying a full academic load. Kudos!


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