Katie Brummett ~ Honorable Mention Winner for the Broughton Prize

Katie Brummett and Dr. M.J. Morgan

Finalist and Honorable Mention Winner for the Broughton Prize is junior education major Katie Brummett, who researched the elusive community known as Moehlman’s Bottoms south of Manhattan. Many of these lost communities across Kansas were named for settlers and river bottoms. Katie’s portrait is titled, “Henry Moehlman’s Dream,” and traces the fortunes of a small group of homesteaders in the Kaw River floodplain. These farms gradually coalesced into a named community. The 1951 Flood destroyed the old stone  Moehlman School, the last vestige of this hamlet, except for striking stone farmhouses built by the Moehlman brothers.  Katie says,  “Over the course of the research, I gradually began to feel tied to this place. It became really important to me.”  Congrats, Katie!

You can read her paper here—>browse?search=Katie+Brummett&submit_search=Search


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