Chapman Center @ the 2012 Great Plains Symposium

Two weeks ago, Chapman Center graduate research assistants Theresa Young and Daron Blake along with the Center’s director, Bonnie Lynn-Sherow, attended the 2012 Great Plains Symposium in Lincoln, Nebraska. The event was entitled “1862-2012: The Making of the Great Plains” and centered on landmark legislations enacted in 1862: The Homestead Act, The Morrill Land-Grant Act, and The Pacific Railroad Act.

Theresa presented her master’s research entitled Living Tools: Tree Use in Nineteenth Century Kansas and fielded many questions from an interested audience.

The three of them had the opportunity to meet historians and other members of the history field from around North America and found the event to be very exciting. Featured speakers included Donald Worster of KU, Elliott West of the University of Arkansas, Martin Jischke of Purdue University, Richard White of Stanford University, William G. Thomas, III of UNL, Myron Gutmann of the University of Michigan, and David Von Drehle, Editior-at-Large of Time Magazine.






The three had a great time staying in the historic Haymarket Square and walking around historic downtown Lincoln.

Dr. Elliott West

Dr. Martin Jischke


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