2012 End of the Year Intern Meeting: Wrapping it all Up!

2012 was a busy year for the Chapman Center. On May 3rd we held our last Intern meeting and it was a bitter-sweet event. We noted all the accomplishments for the year and had to say good-bye to three graduating interns. Erin Strathe, Melissa Slagle and Katie Jones were surprised with a cake and treats celebrating their academic accomplishments. It was a full house, including the three graduates, the meeting was attended by Dr. M.J. Morgan, Dr. Bonnie Lynn-Sherow, Angela Schnee, Daron Blake, and Theresa Young.

   We all sat down and recounted the hard work taken place this year and WOW it was a long list. Graduate Assistant Daron Blake took to the white board and before we knew it, it was covered with achievements and we still had a long list of events that could not even fit on the list.

Some of our feats in 2012 include: Assisting the Rock Creek Valley Historical Society organize their research holdings, we held our yearly Open House and hosted poet Mary Swander, nominated Mark Chapman as an alumni fellow award, created a video side-show of all the undergraduate research accomplished in the past few years (thank you Chad Miller for your video skills), created a new database website for all of the research papers with the guidance and the hard work of our webmaster Dana Eastes (check it out here———>https://lostkscommunities.omeka.net/  ), help create a new newsletter for the RCVHS, created a working relationship with the Lyon County Historical Society, the Center became affiliated with over twenty individuals and societies throughout Kansas, collaborated with the Center for Community Engagement and produced the publication Filling the Larder, Feeding our Families, migrated the Journal of Kansas History to the Chapman Center, hosted the Brunswick CEO and executives, held many public presentations in and around the community, and secured funding for our Digital Archives project.

After enjoying the cake and refreshments we discussed 2013 and what the returning assistants and interns would be working on.

We are very proud of the 2012 year and all the accomplishments that took place this year. We send a big thank you out to all of the people involved directly and indirectly that made this year a wonderful success.

Congratulations again Erin, Katie and Melissa.

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