Fall 2012 Intern ~ Jessica Wheeler

Jessica Wheeler is a pre-law sophomore majoring in history and minoring in business.  She hails from Ellis, Kansas, and knows firsthand about rural Kansas life.  Jessica got her first chance to work in a historical setting in high school when she took a position at the Ellis Railroad Museum.  She has worked there for the past three summers, beginning as a tour guide.  Although she still enjoys interacting with visitors, over the past summer she has been responsible for establishing a photo archive at the Railroad Museum.

As soon as Wheeler heard about Dr. Morgan’s class, Lost Kansas Communities, she knew she wanted to be a Chapman Center Intern.  During the class, Wheeler enjoyed researching a lost community in Ellis County named Chetolah.  Although Chetolah is completely gone now, it was once home to a Pawnee Indian settlement, prospective railroad employees, and even hopeful gold miners.  Doing research for this class helped Jessica finalize her decision to become a history major.  This semester she accomplished her goal to become an intern and looks forward to doing more research in the future with the Chapman Center.


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