Fall 2012 Intern ~ Aaron Melby

The Chapman Center would like to welcome Aaron Melby, one of our newest 2012 Fall interns. Aaron is a homegrown Kansas academic and grew up in the Mankato area.  He is a junior working towards a bachelors degree in history with a minor in Anthropology.  After graduating he plans on either attending KSU graduate school for Security Studies, or going to work for the FBI.

While serving in United States Army, Aaron grew interested in the history of the Middle East.  However, after taking Dr. Morgan’s class “Lost Kansas Communities,” he quickly became interested in history relating to crime and justice.  In Aaron’s current project he seeks to link crime rates in Wabaunsee Township, to major national and regional events.

For Aaron, this opportunity to work at the Chapman Center is very exciting.  He says, “The experience with field research and primary sources has been remarkable.  What I enjoy most though, is getting a chance to help preserve rural Kansas history that would otherwise be lost.”


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