First Affiliate Tea, October 13, 2012

For two hours on October 13, seven historical societies and Chapman Center interns, directors, and assistants shared ideas and frustrations about “doing history” in 2012. Members and volunteers of active societies in our service area came to visit the Center for an autumn tea and exchange forum. We enjoyed meeting guests from Wabaunsee County Historical Society, Geary County Historical Society, Clay County Historical Society, Rock Creek Valley Historical Society, St. George Historical Society, Riley County Historical Society, and Riley County Genealogical Society.

Interns from left to right: Aaron Melby, Janet Adam, Angela Schnee, Jessica Wheeler, Bret Schneller

Intern Aaron Melby presented his research on patterns of territorial Kansas crime, a project made possible through the cooperation of Wabaunsee County Historical Society. Angela Schnee discussed the Pool Table Research Project and shared her GIS map of pool table distribution in early 20th century rural Kansas, research again made possible through leads and contacts primarily provided through our county affiliates. MJ Morgan overviewed our developing website and collections; she also mentioned upcoming Chapman projects in 2013.

Mr. Melvin Bruntzel discusses his new book on Kansas.

Special Honoree Mr. Melvin Bruntzel was the recipient of the first Chapman Center Bruntzel Award for Preservation of Kansas History; Mr. Bruntzel’s three-volume reference set of lost Kansas communities, over 9,000, represents a truly staggering commitment and dedication.

View more photos of this event here.


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