The Grave in the Woods

Lost Kansas Communities senior history major Grant Peters is copying the inscription from a child’s tombstone found on the Max Miller property in southern Wabaunsee County. Nellie Harrolds died in 1885, age five, and was buried above a valley where seven different springs arose. This area became the future site of Lake Wabaunsee.

Interns and Lost Communities students spent four hours Saturday afternoon, Nov. 10, inventorying the contents of the Miller cabin, left in a bequest to the Beach Museum at KSU. Stay tuned for more photos and revelations about this experience!

Jessica Wheeler, Chapman Intern, talked about her time at the cabin: “Undoubtedly, the Cabin Adventure has been the most surprising and unique experience I have had as an intern.  The sheer amount and diverse nature of the objects in the cabin made for a collage of priceless history intermixed with bizarre oddities. It was a wonderful experience that can’t be replicated, and I will never forget!”


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