Prof Morgan’s History class requirements- enthusiasm, dedication, hiking boots and hand sanitizer.

Notable Event:  In early November, 2012, Chapman Center assisted the Beach Museum of Art at KSU in evaluating the contents of a collector’s cabin retreat in Wabaunsee County. Interns, students, professors, and personnel from Wabaunsee County Historical Society crowded into former art professor Max Miller’s tiny cabin. His amazing collections, books, Americana, and one-of-a-kind items provided a true hands-on experience in historical evaluation and research. The Miller bequest to the Beach Museum was the foundation for bringing diverse peoples together. Students and interns have provided some interesting feedback!

Interns try to settle on a way to approach the collected items.

“I knew it was going to be interesting when I noticed the tuba placed high in a tree for decoration. Oh, and the tombstone/gravesite not 100 ft from the front door!  The sheer number of items inside the cabin was overwhelming.  Every nook and cranny of this little cabin was packed full of Mr. Millers life experiences.  Items were even placed on the ceiling, porch, siding and outhouse.  But it was extremely interesting and the experience gained was invaluable. I would volunteer again in a heartbeat.” — Rebecca Hall, History 533 student volunteer

And inside we found…even more stuff!

Surely the most unique outhouse in North Central Kansas…

Even up above….


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