Final Lost Kansas Communities class of semester hosts two special guests!

Lost Kansas Communities classThe Lost Kansas Communities class celebrated its last meeting of the semester with two guests from Riley County Genealogical Society. Marcia Schuley and Linda Fetters, seated on the right, attended student presentations on lost town projects. These enthusiastic guests took notes and asked questions! Even better, afterwards, they undertook a special census search to assist student Jordan Broxterman with his study of Bigelow in Marshall County. Thank you, Riley County Genealogical Society, for being so interested in our projects!

team project

Alexander Doll and Mark Manbeck stand behind Marcia and Linda at the class meeting. Alex and Mark team-researched and wrote a study of long-gone Bellgard in Pottawatomie County. At the last minute, they found wonderful information at the Genealogical Society, assisted by Marcia and Linda.