Chapman Center Gains some Texan Perspective with New Intern

Grant Peters

Grant Peters is a K-State senior working on a History major and International Studies secondary major.  He was born and raised in the great state of Texas. His hometown is Fort Worth, a city of over a million people. When Grant came to Kansas, he was unfamiliar with the small-town life.  When he had the chance to study a small town in close detail with Dr. Morgan’s Kansas Communities class, he was enamored with the sense of history that every town has.

The town Grant chose to study was the small community of Palmer in Washington County. Palmer was an easy choice to start with due to its proximity to family members, many of whom had lived in the area for many years.  Palmer had been founded in 1879 and still exists to this day. Going through its history, Grant found a strong tradition of business and entrepreneurship.

After this wonderful experience, he jumped at the chance to continue these studies with the Chapman Internship. To him, it combined a love of history with a fascinating subject and gave valuable experience to him to use later on. Grant hopes to use this to go on to graduate school and later work in a field of Public History.