Congrats to two researchers!

AngelaOn April 3, undergraduate research assistant Angela Schnee presented a poster in Topeka for Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol. Her project is titled “The Chinese Laundries of Wichita, Kansas: A Portrait of an Immigrant Community on the Western Frontier, 1880-1905.”

A senior geography major with GIS training, Angela created original maps showing the location of Chinese laundries in late nineteenth century Wichita. She derived the locations from city directories and census and newspaper data. Her maps reveal that Chinese populations in Kansas corresponded to the routes of cattle trails and railway lines shipping cattle east.

Very little published information exists about Chinese citizens of Kansas. Angela’s research and findings are therefore truly significant. Look for her maps in Chapman Center’s new Cartography Collection, coming soon to our digital archive!

JanetCONGRATS also to Janet Adam, who will graduate this May after two semesters as a Chapman Center Intern. On March 8, Janet presented a paper at the Missouri Valley History Conference in Omaha. Her project, also explored in her posted slide-show on our website, was titled “Kansas Eleemosynary Institutions: Giving the Proper Amount of Care, 1860-1950.”  Janet’s original field research produced a north-central Kansas map locating poor farms, orphanages, deaf and blind schools, and institutions for the insane. Particularly difficult to find were the long-disappeared poor farms, run at county level.  Janet tracked down the original poor farm locations often through word of mouth only, as very little documentary trace remains of these places.

Look for Janet’s map in our soon-to-be-posted Cartography Collection!


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