Welcome new Chapman Center Interns (2013-14)

The Chapman Center for Rural Studies has two undergraduate interns joining the ranks of CHS interns Billie Chesney and Rebecca (Becky) Hall. Both Matthew Leverich and Matthew Cantril (we call them “the Matts”) are with us for the Fall 2013-Spring 2014 academic year and are working closely with Dr. MJ Morgan on a project for the Center that will become a part of the research collection in the Research Library in 112 Leasure Hall. We’re excited to welcome such great undergraduate researchers who will be doing such important work for the Center. Check in often for updates on their projects.

Matthew Cantril

The Cantril Family, gathered for Matt's sister's graduation. EMAW!

The Cantril Family, gathered for Matt’s sister’s graduation. EMAW!

Pictured with his sister, Matt is a sophomore at Kansas State University and currently enrolled in the Open Option program. Matt has said that being one of the interns for the Chapman Center for Rural Studies this year has helped him form interests in different areas and may help him decide which major to pursue in the future. Right now he is trying to decide between History and Geography, both of which his research at the Center depends heavily upon. He went to high school at Shawnee Mission East in Kansas City, KS, about a mile away from the Kansas/Missouri border. Matt is involved in a ministry program in Manhattan called Ichthus, which is a partner of the Kansas City branch in his hometown. Matt also loves Basketball. His self-imposed title is a Basketball “fiend” as he watches as much of it as he can, and he can almost always be found at the K-State Recreational Center on campus playing on the new courts. Matt lives with his parents in Kansas City during academic breaks and holidays where he grew up with his sister. She also went to, and graduated from, Kansas State University. Matt’s sister is now a teacher living in South Africa and just recently got married in September.

Matthew Leverich

Matthew Leverich

Matt Leverich is standing in front of his favorite painting in the Research Room. If you look closely enough it’s a painting of a small town in the Midwest in the early nineteenth century. There are roosters in the street!

Pictured in front of his favorite painting in the Chapman Center’s Research Library, 112 Leasure Hall, Matt is a senior in Computer Science at Kansas State University. This is his first internship at the Chapman Center for Rural Studies and it seems a pretty good fit for Matt. In his 21 years he’s always been fascinated with visiting little towns in Kansas and has been fortunate enough to have visited over 200 of the 9,000 towns that are located in the state. Matt prides himself on being able to name obscure Kansas towns that other people have not even heard of. He’s enjoyed traveling around the state with his family and his cubicle in the Research Room has several pictures posted of himself with his little brother in Kansas ruins and other areas they’ve visited together.



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