Where Everybody Knows Your Name

The new Spring 2014 Interns have had nearly two months to get acquainted with the Chapman Center for Rural Studies, a program they were already familiar with through classes taught by Dr. Bonnie Lynn-Sherow and Dr. MJ Morgan. It was almost like deja vu to see the two faces and hear their names, which had already been floating around from time to time.

Griffin Page, Senior in History, and Jessica Hermesch, Sophomore in History.

Griffin Page, Senior, and Jessica Hermesch, Sophomore.

During their classes the two of them were able to get their Lost Towns paper published to the Lost Kansas Communities Digital Archive. Griffin and Jessica both wrote about towns close to where they grew up. Griffin was able to capture the struggle Stanley, Kansas (currently part of Overland Park, KS) went through during the process of being annexed by a nearby town. Jessica chose to write about Goff, Kansas and how the town beat all statistical odds based on the survival rate of other towns in similar situations.

The really exciting research is still-to-come, however, with Griffin working on CIS maps started by previous interns and Chapman Center staff that illustrate, for example, bootlegging and crime rates in Clay County, Kansas during the 19th century. Jessica will be working on interviewing a fellow classmate about her Lost Town paper about the home she grew up in – which had previously been a one-room school house! We’re very excited about the wonderful work Griffin and Jessica have already done and we can’t wait to see what they’ll produce next!

For a more information about Griffin and Jessica, go to our Staff page on our website: http://www.k-state.edu/history/chapman.


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