Semester Wrap-Up at the Chapman Center

On April 17, Alumni Fellow Judge Patricia Seitz and her husband, attorney Alan Greer, visited Chapman Center’sĀ African-American Kansas class. Judge Seitz shared her experiences at K-State and law school that shaped her career as a U.S. District Court Judge in Florida. She talked about the process of judicial decisions, legal precedents, and the role of the Appellate Court. But she also took the time to meet each student in the class. It was an honor to have her with us!


Judge Patricia Seitz and husband, Attorney Alan Greer, visited the Chapman Center for Rural Studies to speak to Dr. Morgan’s History 533 African-American Kansas class about issues such as the justice system and the role of the Appellate Court.

Blake Hall-Latchman speaks with Judge Patricia Seitz after her presentation.

Earlier, on April 10, students took their last field trip to the southern boundary of Manhattan. Standing on the flood-control levee, they viewed the fields and timber fringe along Wildcat Creek, the area historically known as “the Bottoms.” Here lived quite a number of resourceful African-American families, making a living from the river and the rich floodplain. The Bottoms disappeared after the 1951 flood.


The last field trip for History 533: African-American Kansas class in the Spring of 2014.

Using plat maps that clearly show the location of the small farmsteads in the Bottoms, students traced the route that school children walked to the Douglass School — crossing muddy fields, two rail lines and several busy streets.