What Goes ‘Round, Comes ‘Round: A Family Connection

Natalie Smalley and Zachary

Natalie and Zachary Smalley

Natalie Smalley and her son Zachary, from Altadena, California, visited the Chapman Center on March 12 to chat with Dr. Morgan. Natalie Smalley is the granddaughter of long-time Wabaunsee County resident Ethel Morgan. In 2010, CCRS intern Lorraine Reimers researched and wrote a study of Ethel Morgan, known as an important historian of African-American families and their experiences in this area. Ethel was also an expert quilter, honored in a 1985 Manhattan Mercury article by Mike Dorcey, “Quilting Stitches Ethel’s Life Together.” She also was the subject of several Wamego Times articles.

Lorraine Reimers’ work was one of the first CCRS projects on local and regional African-American history, a focus of the Center’s student research since the first internships were awarded back in 2009.


Find Lorraine’s bio-essay, “Ethel Mae Morgan:  An African-AmericanBiography, Wabaunsee County, Kansas, 1898-1989,” posted to the K-REX digital scholarship collection in Hale Library. Natalie Smalley and her son were familiar with Lorraine’s essay and wanted to visit the Center as a result.  In the fall of 2018, Zachary, great-grandson of Ethel Morgan, will become a student here at K-State.