Across the Globe: Kansas to Switzerland

  CCRS Intern McKenzie Combes, graduating in May with a dual major in history and parks and rec (historical interpretation focus), visited Onaga Historical Society recently. She worked with Debbie Berges (in sunglasses) and Linda Tessendorf  to track information about an early women’s baseball team, the Onaga Bloomer Girls. Debbie and Linda contacted a historical society member now living in Switzerland!  He was able to send McKenzie some additional information about the baseball venue in Onaga — the stock fair grounds.

McKenzie Combes
Chapman Center intern, McKenzie Combes, with Onaga Historical Society President, Linda Tessendorf, and member, Debbie Berges

    McKenzie’s project this spring is on the interesting diversity in rural Kansas baseball teams, circa WWI. She is investigating African-American players and teams as well as female teams. Her project poster, as well as three other intern posters on bootlegging, settler-railroad conflict in 1870s  southeast Kansas, and a vanished African-American town in Wabaunsee County are on display in Chapman Center. Come check out this interesting research during our Open House, Thursday, April 19, noon-4, and Friday, April 20, 11-4.

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